1. Privacy Policy

    In this Privacy Policy "data" means any data about you that can identify you (alone or in combination with other data) such as your name, photo and nickname.

    We may collect personal data through a third-party account such as Facebook, Google and Twitter - we exclusively collect your name, user ID and photo. If you do not authorize the collection of such data you are forbid to use this feature, you will need to play anonymously.

    Data we may collect when you use our Service anonymously or with a previously reported third-party account:

    Data on your location, device type, operating system, and platform;

    Data on your computer's browser version, operating system version, page load time, network, generated device identifier information, unique browser id, reference source, and IP address;

    Profile photos;

    The number of times you visit our Services and the amount of time you spend using the Services.

    We may use your data in the following ways:

    To ensure that you are in compliance with our terms;

    Moderate your actions in public and customized rooms;

    To improve the Services for analysis and reporting purposes, and to provide technical support or answer your questions. This also includes use of data to record any failure in our provision of the Services, so that we may report such interruptions;

    To provide contextualized ads that are of your interest.

  2. About data processing

    Data we collect from you may be transferred and stored at a destination outside the United Kingdom or the European Economic Area ('EEA'), such as the US. This transfer is required to host the Services, provide support services, backup your data, and allow you to use the Services.

    We use third parties to help us manage your information and services, customer service provider to host the game and the database and also marketing companies to manage the advertising that appears to you.

    These are the companies that process data on our behalf and but can not use them for their own independent purposes:

    - Google AdManager

    - Google Analytics

    - Xandr

  3. Data for Advertising

    We use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisement and / or provide collected data to help implementing ads when you visit or use our Services. We also use analytics web tools such as Google Analytics to interpret your use of our Services.

  4. Use of Cookies

    We may use Podemos usar "cookies" para mejorar la experiencia del usuario. Su navegador web es responsable de controlar y compartir su información a través de cookies Estas cookies son esenciales para ayudar a su dispositivo a descargar o transmitir información, para que pueda navegar por nuestros Servicios.

    Estos son algunos ejemplos de formas en que podemos usar cookies de uso cuando sea estrictamente necesario:

    Para mantenerlo registrado mientras está de visita;

    Para permitirle navegar libremente en nuestros Servicios;

    Para mostrarle anuncios apropiados utilizando sus intereses como base.

    Los usuarios pueden cambiar la configuración de su navegador web para rechazarlos o advertirles cuando se utilizan o envían cookies. Si lo hubiera hecho, es posible que observe algunas fallas en algunas partes del sitio web. Además, si desea saber cómo las empresas publicitarias usan sitios web o información de aplicaciones para fines específicos, le pedimos que visite los enlaces web de las empresas mencionados anteriormente.

  5. Storage

    We will only keep data when if it is relevant or useful to purposes in which they are originally collected, otherwise if they are requested by law.

    Although we collect login data from third-party accounts, they are not stored and they have a duration of 24 hours long.

  6. Data protection

    If you login with a third-party network, you may experience different or additional login protections through this website or those third-party Services. You must deny non authorized access to your account and personal data, you must select and protect your password and / or any other login mechanism properly.

    We are committed to the safety of your information; in addition, here are some measures we take to make them better:

    Cryptography on server communication including personal information;

    Software architecture with highly safe access ambient;

    Restrict access to server information assured by internal policy.

    We put our efforts to protect your personal data privacy that we keep registered, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee full safety. Factors as login or non authorized use, hardware or software failure and so on may compromise the safety of user data at any moment.

    We are based in Brazil and all collected data are conducted by Brazil's law. When access or use our Services, you agree with the processing and transferessing of that data in Brazil and in other countries.

  7. Other provisions

    Our services are not specifically aimed for children. If you are an user under the age of 13 and you are using a third-party account (Facebook / Google and / or Twitter), it is extremely necessary your parents' consent to use your photo or name and, if applicable, to use our services.

    If you have any other questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected]




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